Canton Biologics is a biologics CDMO (contract development and manufacturing outsourcing) founded by a group of international and domestic pharmaceutical experts in early 2016 in Guangzhou International Bio Island. Canton Biologics is dedicated to therapeutic biologics development, and has been awarded honorable titles of ‘innovation and entrepreneurship team of Guangdong Province’, ‘leading venture talent team of Guangzhou Development District’, and ‘National high-tech enterprise’.


Canton Biologics is an international biopharmaceutical CDMO enterprise with headquarter located in Guangzhou International Bio Island, with a 2000 m2 R&D center, a 2000 m2 GMP compliant pilot factory, and a 12000 m2 manufacturing facility compliant with FDA, EMA and the Chinese cGMP ready by 2020, in Foshan. Canton Biologics has established cooperation with many large pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies, and has successfully conducted and delivered multiple biologics projects from research to IND stage. By 2020, Canton Biologics will be capable of providing clients with one-stop service from cell line development of biologics, clinical sample production to commercial production.

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Pilot and GMP


Product manufacturin​g from DNA to protein 

Canton Biologics provides a comprehensive, integrated and highly customizable range of services for the discovery, development and manufacturing of biologics.​

Fill and Finish



Cell Lin


CHO ExpressTM host cell line

Rapid protein Expression

Orbital shakers for cell culture and process scale-up

Cutting-edge protein expression techn​ologies for China and the world


Canton Biologics offers highly efficient protein expression in both transiently and stably transfected cell lines, providing great flexibility in approaching each individual project.